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Residents Alerted To Third Party Tax Mailer

Residents are calling us concerning a mailer they’re received from a third party about property records.  (Please see photo of sample mailer).  This company, which is not associated with the Sheriff’s office, is offering to provide a copy of the owner’s property deed and “assessment profile” for $83. While the mailer does include disclaimers and the service they are offering appears legal, the mailer is designed to look like an…

Property tax bills being prepared

The St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office is preparing once again to mail out the annual ad valorem tax notices to all property owners of the parish.  Over 134,000 bills are expected to be mailed out for the 2014 tax year with a total of approximately $265 million and 70 different millages and parcel fees to be collected and distributed parish-wide.   By law, the Sheriff of each parish in Louisiana…

Property Tax Sale Statistics Released

St. Tammany Parish Sheriff Jack Strain today released the statistics from the 2014 property tax sale.  On July 14, 2014, one hundred sixty one individuals registered as potential buyers for this year’s sale.  Registration was open to anyone interested in bidding on the properties being auctioned.  More than 1,000 properties were scheduled for the sale due to unpaid property taxes.  A total of 918 properties were successfully auctioned at the…