Sales Tax Rates as of April 1st, 2018

Sales Tax rates for all St. Tammany Parish jurisdictions following the March 24, 2018 election.


File Sales / Use Tax Return

Complete your St. Tammany Parish Sales and Use Tax Return electronically and transmit the return directly to our office. It is free and available 24/7.


Use this link to lookup the proper tax rate and jurisdiction to report sales and use tax on our tax forms. Simply type in the physical location of the business or delivery addresses in St. Tammany Parish to get your answer.


If you are opening a new business or if ownership changes, a St. Tammany Parish Tax ID# is necessary to collect and remit local sales and use tax.

Register Online! This link will allow you to register with St. Tammany, as well as other Parishes throughout the State of Louisiana, if necessary.

This registration is only for St. Tammany and can be printed and sent to our office.

Download Sales / Use Tax Returns

The St. Tammany Parish Tax Collector utilizes different tax returns based upon the type of business and/or its physical location.  These forms also contain helpful information as reference when completing the returns.


This return is for fixed locations inside of St. Tammany.
This return is for businesses inside or outside St. Tammany who deliver to more than one jurisdiction.
This is a double-sided return for businesses located in special tax enhancement area inside St. Tammany Parish that make both on-site and delivered sales.
This form must be completed and accompany appropriate documentation to request consideration for a refund of taxes paid erroneously.
If you have a question about Sales Tax, please call 985-726-7777.