Remit a payment to the Civil Department for completed sales, service fees, deposits, and garnished wages via bank draft electronically via bank draft.  It is free and available 24/7.

View Sale Information

View upcoming dates of St. Tammany Parish Sheriff's Sales and a lists of movable items or real estate properties included in the sale.

View Service Information

View civil notice service information performed by the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff's Office including dates and return information.

Approximate Mileage Charge By Zip Code

Pursuant to Louisiana Revised Statute 13:5530, the service fee for each document is $30 plus mileage.  In order to assist you with estimating the mileage, we have provided a chart approximating the mileage for each zip code.

Download Civil Forms

The Civil Department utilizes different forms to assist the public:

Hold Harmless Agreement

The Civil Department seizes movable and immovable property under the direction of the 22nd Judicial District Court. A hold harmless agreement is required to be completed and returned to our office in those cases in which movable property is to be moved, towed, or stored.

Attorney Request to Cancel Sale and/or Return a Writ

The Civil Department requests that any attorney requesting cancellation of a sale or return of a writ complete the attached form and submit it to the Civil Department.

Certificate of Costs Paid

The Civil Department requests that you complete the attached form and submit it to the Civil Department for certification before filing a Motion to Dismiss a suit in which a Writ of Seizure and a Sale or Writ of Fieri Facias has been issued.

Sale Information Sheet

Sheriff Sale FAQs