April 26, 2022  |  03:39 pm

The St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office has arrested a Covington-area man for Carnal Knowledge after evidence of the crime surfaced following his application for employment with the agency.

While completing the new hire processing for applicant Robert Ebersole Jr., STPSO detectives received information that he may have been involved in an inappropriate relationship with an under-aged individual several years prior. That led detectives to launch an investigation and reach out to the possible victim.

The result of that investigation led investigators to arrest Ebersole for Felony Carnal Knowledge Tuesday (April 26) afternoon. He will be booked into the St. Tammany Parish Correctional Center.

“This is not the type of person we want representing and working for our agency, and this is why we conduct an extensive background investigation on all of our applicants prior to them being granted full employment status,” Sheriff Randy Smith said. “I hold all of our employees to the highest standard, and I find it very unsettling that someone who committed this sort of crime, regardless of how long ago it occurred, was seeking a position of employment with this agency, or any law enforcement agency.”