April 18, 2020  |  09:43 am

One inmate in the St. Tammany Parish Jail has tested positive for the COVID-19 virus.  That inmate began showing symptoms earlier this week, and he was immediately placed in insolation. His positive test came back Friday evening.

As soon as that inmate started showing symptoms, the medical staff at the jail placed all inmates in the housing unit where that inmate was being housed on lockdown as a precaution. Those inmates are being monitored closely for symptoms. This monitoring includes taking their temperatures twice daily.  

Four additional inmates in the same housing area have started showing symptoms (low-grade fever) and have been placed in their own quarantined housing unit. Their tests results are pending.

To ensure the safety and health of all of our inmates and personnel, the staff at the St. Tammany Parish Jail continues to follow CDC guidelines for sanitation. All 57 inmates in the affected housing areas have been given additional cleaning supplies, and a complete clothing and linen exchange was completed for that housing unit. 

Since the COVID-19 virus situation began, the jail staff and medical personnel has taken special precautions to protect all of our inmates and staff. All inmates who leave the facility and return or are newly booked are screened and placed on quarantine for 14 days according to DOC and CDC recommendations and guidelines, and information has been disseminated to all inmates about the virus and steps they can take to help prevent the spread.