June 03, 2021  |  09:47 am

Sheriff Randy Smith is pleased to announce he will be able to provide a significant raise for all employees as the agency adopts a new salary structure beginning with the 2022 fiscal year. 

Aimed at rewarding experience and education while also recruiting and retaining quality employees, Sheriff Smith has opted this fiscal year to forgo the traditional cost-of-living and merit-based raises and instead to focus on increasing the base salaries of entry-level positions.

As an example:

Entry Level Criminal Patrol Salary

  • $38,476 – Base Pay (Formerly $36,416)
  • $300 – Annual Uniform Allowance
  • ​$6,000 – State Supplemental Pay

Total: $44,776

Criminal Patrol Salary with Three Years Law Enforcement Experience

  • $40,849 – Base Pay (Formerly $38,749)
  • $300 – Annual Uniform Allowance
  • ​$6,000 – State Supplemental Pay

Total: $47,149

Additional Employee Benefits:

  • Pension Fund
  • Associate Degree Incentive - $500/year
  • Bachelor Degree Incentive - $1,000/year
  • Master’s Degree Incentive - $2,000/year
  • Paid employee medical insurance
  • Paid employee dental insurance
  • Paid employee life insurance
  • Paid employee long term disability insurance
  • Paid annual leave
  • Extended Illness Benefits


Sheriff Smith is also pleased to implement a first-ever deferred compensation match of up to 2.5 percent of an employee’s contributions into the program beginning with the 2022 fiscal year. Previously, this program was offered to employees; However there was no agency-match.

“I have taken great pride and care in preserving the law enforcement aspect of my office to ensure my front-line employees who serve our citizens are a top priority,” Sheriff Randy Smith said. “The dedicated and hard-working men and women who make up this agency are deserving of this restructured pay scale and benefits, which will ultimately afford all employees an extremely competitive wage. I believe this will enable us to retain quality employees who can grow with the agency.”