November 13, 2014  |  03:00 pm

Residents are calling us concerning a mailer they’re received from a third party about property records.  (Please see photo of sample mailer).  This company, which is not associated with the Sheriff’s office, is offering to provide a copy of the owner’s property deed and “assessment profile” for $83. While the mailer does include disclaimers and the service they are offering appears legal, the mailer is designed to look like an official government document/bill.  With annual property tax notices being mailed out next week, the potential for confusion exists between the two mailers.  We want residents to know that, if necessary, they can obtain information about their property or property taxes from the Clerk of Court, the Assessor’s office, and/or the Sheriff’s office.  We encourage residents who need these documents to first consult with the local agencies listed to see if the information can be obtained more easily or inexpensively.