December 05, 2014  |  09:26 am

St. Tammany Parish Sheriff Jack Strain is reminding everyone to be proactive in protecting themselves from becoming a victim this holiday season.
“With all of the excitement of the holiday season it is easy to forget there are thieves out there waiting to prey on individuals who have let their guard down this holiday season,” Sheriff Strain said. “It is important to remain vigilant and to practice good common sense when out shopping this holiday season.”
Sheriff’s Office detectives are currently investigating 12 vehicle burglaries that occurred in west St. Tammany Parish Wednesday. They are also working with detectives with Slidell Police Department, who are investigating two more instances that occurred this week inside the Slidell city limits.
Shortly before noon Wednesday a total of 10 vehicles were burglarized while they were parked by the tennis courts in Beau Chene Wednesday evening, two more were burglarized outside a Covington gymnastics business.
In all of the cases the perpetrators broke a window in the vehicle and took what they could quickly grab off the seats, including purses, cellphones and other electronics.
“The best practice is not only to lock your vehicle doors, but also to refrain from leaving valuables out in the open inside your car,” Strain said.  “If you can’t bring it inside with you, hide it under a seat or in a locked trunk and out of the view of would-be thieves.”
If anyone has information about the vehicle burglaries that occurred this week, they are asked to call Detective Jason Mire at 276-1322 or Detective Chris Morgan at 276-1334.