October 18, 2018  |  03:42 pm

A 16-year-old student at Northshore High School was arrested on terrorizing charges and booked into the Florida Parishes Juvenile Detention Center late Wednesday night (October 17).  

A parent contacted Slidell Police after they were made aware that the teen had sent text messages to other students referencing guns and his plans to harm another student. 

When it was discovered the teen lived outside of city limits, Slidell Police turned the investigation over to the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office, who arrested the teen on one count of L.R.S. 14:40.1 Terrorizing.

“We have made it very clear that law enforcement and the school system will take threats like this seriously,” Sheriff Randy Smith said.  “We will continue to work with our schools and investigate any and all threats at our schools or to the students and faculty who attend them. Parents I urge you, to please speak with your children about the seriousness of actions such as these.”