September 11, 2019  |  12:11 pm

A Covington-area woman was arrested Tuesday (Sept. 10) after her 11-year-old daughter brought THC-laced edibles to school and shared them with her classmates.

A St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s deputy assigned as a resource officer at a Mandeville-area school alerted detectives after a student had a reaction to a gummy candy she was given by a classmate. The child had to be transported to a local hospital for medical attention.  

The resource officer at the school learned that an 11-year-old had brought the gummies to the school and passed them out to other students. 

At the child’s residence, detectives located a variety of THC edibles and products, and related paraphernalia. The child’s mother, Alexandra Price (DOB 5/30/1989), admitted that she had be making the products.

She was arrested and booked into the St. Tammany Parish Jail on the following charges:

L.R.S. 40:966C Possession of Schedule I CDS
L.R.S. 40:966A Manufacturing of Schedule I CDS
L.R.S. 14:93 Cruelty to Juveniles
L.R.S. 40:1060.13 Sale, Distribution or Possession of Legend Drug without a Prescription
L.R.S. 40:1023 Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

The juvenile, who knew what the gummies contained, was arrested for L.R.S. 40:966A Distribution of Schedule I CDS, and she was released into the custody of a family member. 

The investigation remains ongoing and additional charges may be forthcoming.

“I applaud our resource officer and the staff at this school who immediately alerted detectives to launch an investigation after a student became sick, preventing the possibility of more children consuming the THC-laced gummies,” Sheriff Randy Smith. “This is an example of how our schools and law enforcement work together every day to keep our children safe.”