June 15, 2021  |  08:38 am


Forty cadets, representing five different agencies, graduated Monday (June 14) evening from the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff's Office P.O.S.T. (Police Officer Standards and Training) Academy during a special ceremony held at First Baptist Church of Covington.

The graduates included 21cadets from Session 22 Day Class and 19 cadets from the Session N-10 Night Class.

From the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office:
Deputy Justin Baldo
Deputy Bailey Barrios
Deputy Kamryn Blume
Sgt. Lindsey Bretton
Deputy Ashley Carroll
Deputy Tyler Caruso
Deputy Roger Cedotal
Deputy Olivia Collins
Lt. Katie Darby
Deputy Cameron Darby
Deputy Eddie Davis
Deputy Abby Lindsey
Deputy Nathaniel Migues
Deputy Blayne Necaise
Deputy Kevin Palazzo
Deputy Tyler Pathoumthong
Cpl. Blake Pellegrin
Deputy Triston Wenturine
Deputy Hannah Kairdolf
Deputy Chris Barberito
Deputy Dustin Byers
Deputy Chadwick Collings, J.D.
Deputy Rhett Restivo
Deputy Mike Scarlato
Deputy Victor Spears
Deputy Benjamin Vergona
Deputy Janel Walters

Deputy John Williams
Deputy Barry Magee
Deputy Nicholas Schutt
Deputy Adam Driskell


From Pearl River Police Department:
Officer Christina Brown-Robertson
Officer Lacey Charamie
Officer Jordan Lambert

From St. Bernard Parish Sheriff’ Office:
Deputy John Clark
Deputy Alan Clomburg
Deputy Daffne Enclard
Deputy Larry Wilson

From Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office:
Cpl. Rickey Brumfield

From Delgado Police Department:
Officer Joel Sylves

Four awards were given to the members of each class who performed the best in three categories of instruction: academics, physical fitness, firearms, and to recognize the most improved in physical fitness.

The "Top Cop" (Highest Overall GPA) award went to Deputy Abby Lindsey for Session 22 and to Deputy Michael Scarlato for Session N-10.

The "Gunslinger" (Overall Firearms) award went to Deputy Justin Baldo for Session 22 and to Deputy Michael Scarlato for Session N-10.

The “Fit for Duty” (Overall Physical Fitness) award went to Deputy Blayne Necaise for Session 22 and to Deputy Rhett Restivo for Session N-10.

The “No Pain, No Gain” (Most Improved Physical Fitness) award went to Deputy Abby Lindsey for Session 22 and to Deputy Chadwick Collings, J.D. for Session N-10.

The newly sworn in Louisiana-certified peace officers completed more than 500 hours of academic and physical training, evaluation and testing at the academy and received P.O.S.T. Level I certification by the State of Louisiana.

Sheriff Randy Smith applauded the graduates for seeking out a profession in law enforcement during a time when support for law enforcement officers is lacking and law enforcement officers around the world are losing their lives. He also encouraged them to continue working to learn new things in their profession and to continue to advance in their careers, and he thanked their families for supporting them during this time.

“I am extremely proud of each and every one of you and wish you all the best,” Sheriff Smith said, and he asked those in attendance to join him in congratulating them on this great accomplishment. “This is a great day for all of the agencies represented and the communities they serve. We don’t give these certificates away they have to earn them.”

“I am proud that the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office, through our P.O.S.T. Academy, can offer first-class instruction to provide highly-trained, state-certified law enforcement officers for not only our agency but for our surrounding agencies,” Sheriff Smith added.

Sheriff Smith also said he would like to thank First Baptist Church of Covington for allowing the agency to use their facility to host the event, which was very well attended by family members, community members and fellow law enforcement professionals.