August 24, 2017  |  02:20 pm

In less than an hour’s time Tuesday evening (August 22) three cars at three different Slidell-area child care facilities were burglarized, prompting Sheriff Randy Smith to once again remind residents to be vigilant when it comes to securing valuables inside their vehicles.

Between 4:30 and 5:30 p.m. Tuesday the passenger side window of a vehicle was smashed and a purse stolen while the vehicle was parked outside a child care facility on Rosemeade Drive. Around the same time, purses were also taken from unlocked vehicles at child care facilities on N. Pearl Drive and on the East I-10 Service Road.

In all three burglaries, the drivers had left their purses sitting in plain view on the passenger seat while they quickly ran inside the establishments to pick up their children.  These crimes prove just how fast one can become the victim of a crime. 

On the same day, the passenger-side window was shattered and a purse taken from a vehicle parked outside a rehabilitation center on Falconer Drive in Covington. There were also similar reports of vehicles being burglarized in Jefferson Parish, promoting detectives to think this might be the work of members of the “Felony Lane Gang.” 

“Felony Lane Gang” is a name law enforcement personnel have given a loosely-knit group of criminals that target ball parks, recreation areas, daycares and fitness center parking lots, looking for purses and valuables left inside vehicles. They will break the vehicle’s window, steal the valuables that are plain sight and then use the “felony lane” (the lane farthest from the teller in the bank drive thru) and pose as the victims as they drain their bank accounts.

“Vehicle burglaries are crimes of opportunity,” Sheriff Smith said.  “No matter how quick of a trip you may be making, it is imperative to always lock your vehicle doors and to never leave purses or valuables in sight.”

A small white SUV was seen or captured on surveillance video at least two of the child care facilities during the time of the burglaries. If anyone has any information about these crimes, they are encouraged to call Det. Dwight Evans at 985-726-7832.   


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