Radio Maintenance

With the creation of the Radio Maintenance Division in 1998, the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff's Office committed to replacing the aging and unreliable radio system that was in use. After nearly two years of planning, ground was broken in February of 2000 on a state of the art 800mHz communications system with a national "Mutual Aid" subsystem. The system was completed and brought “on the air” in November of 2001. As part of our commitment to Homeland Security, seamless interoperability with our seven surrounding agencies was built into the communications system.

One of the Radio Maintenance Division’s primary responsibilities is the care and maintenance of this communications system. The system consists of 34 major subsystems at six different physical locations throughout the parish. The Division uses preventative maintenance procedures and constant vigilance to insure the system is always available to accomplish the mission of the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office.

In addition to providing reliable and secure communications for the Sheriff’s Office, the system also provides communications for the Folsom Police Department, Madisonville Police Department, Covington Police Department, Mandeville Police Department, Sun Police Department, Pearl River Police Department, St. Tammany Fire Protection District 4, the District Attorney’s Office, St. Tammany Parish Public Works, St. Tammany Parish Office of Emergency Management, St. Tammany Parish Coroner’s Office and the Louisiana Office of Probation and Parole in St. Tammany.

The Radio Maintenance Division also maintains a wireless data network. This network provides field units with the ability to run license plates and other checks, write reports and view dispatch traffic in their vehicle so that they remain on the streets. This system is also utilized by many of the local agencies in St. Tammany Parish.


Fleet Maintenance

The Vehicle Maintenance Department supports and maintains all STPSO vehicles, boats, trailers and associate equipment. The department is divided into three categories: 

  • Vehicle Maintenance

  • Body Shop

  • Boat Maintenance

The Vehicle Maintenance Department (AKA Maintenance Barn) services all Criminal Division and Administration vehicles. All vehicles are inspected for safety every 3,000 miles with appropriate maintenance. STPSO employs ASE certified mechanics that oversee and train inmate workers who perform repairs and general maintenance on the fleet. This not only cuts operating expenses for the Sheriff's Office, it teaches the inmate a trade so upon release, he will be able to gain employment. STPSO is one of the safest fleet operations in the area. 

The Body Shop Department repairs damaged vehicles in our fleet. We have a full service body shop capable of repairing and refinishing vehicles damaged in accidents. The Body Shop is manned by an ASE body shop mechanic who is also a professional painter and an expert in body repair. 

The Boat Maintenance department maintains the STPSO fleet of watercraft and associated equipment. They are responsible for inspecting and servicing boats, trailers, 4 wheelers and all other equipment used by the Special Operations Department of the Sheriff's Office. 

All three of these departments make up the team that supports the Sheriff's Office Mission to provide safe emergency response to St. Tammany Parish.

The Sheriff's Office conducts a Public Auction once a year as needed to remove excess vehicles and equipment from inventory. The auction is open to the general public and is advertised on this website and in local newspaper publications.