To report a crime please call (985) 898-2338 or 911.


Investigations Division
Main Line: 985-726-7820

Major Mike Ripoll

The St. Tammany Parish Sherrif's Office has organized the investigators into specialized fields, training them in certain types of crimes, such as Property Crimes and Person Crimes. Detectives undergo specialized training in their respective field of expertise, Property Crimes (thefts, burglaries, criminal damage and identity thefts), Person Crimes (batteries, rapes, assaults domestic violence and harassing phone calls), Juvenile Crimes (physical and sexual abuse and neglect), and Major Crime Incidents (murder, violent rapes, stranger abductions and robberies), so their efforts can be focused and they are better prepared to handle the cases.

The Sheriff’s Office headquarters in Slidell has enabled the agency to centralize the majority of the Criminal Investigations Division to increase communication between investigative units. While certain sections are stationed in Slidell, the detectives have the responsibility to conduct their investigations parish-wide.  

All of the deputies assigned to the Investigative Division are committed to solving all cases regardless of obstacles that may confront them. Each detective is part of a team, bringing forth his/her own experience and skills for a combined effort to bring the offenders to justice. The investigators are passionate about solving crimes for any citizen of St. Tammany Parish who find themselves victimized by others, to allow them a sense of closure and satisfaction. In addition, detectives send a strong message that all offenders will be pursued and brought to justice by the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office. 

A large part of the Investigation division's success is based on the relationship the department has established with the citizens of the parish. This positive combination of good, hard police work and the citizens providing positive support to the members of the Sheriff’s office when called upon is one of our primary keys to success.