St. Tammany Parish Jail
Main Line - 985-276-1000

Warden Major Bret Ibert

Security Capt. Scotty Payne

Support Capt. Shaniqueka Weary

Operations Capt. Brian O'Cull 




The St. Tammany Parish Jail’s mission is to provide the highest standard of care, custody, and control for inmates incarcerated in the facility. The mission is approached through the implementation of comprehensive rehabilitative programs designed to provide life-skills, education, and coping skills necessary to reintegrate the offenders into society. Our goal is to become a model institution, which other facilities can look to and learn from, by improving our operational efficiencies and overall institutional performance.

The St. Tammany Parish Jail facility operates with a capacity of 1,192 beds housing inmates, pre-trial, and adjudicated offenders. Managing a facility of its size requires multiple departments such as administration, security, support, services, operations, classification, and transportation, all specializing in the various aspects of maintaining sound corrections practices.

Please contact the Bonding Office (985) 276-1070 for instructions on proper procedures.