Major Andrea Cosse


** Member of NIGP (National Institute of Governmental Purchasing)  

Our purchasing division is available Monday - Friday from 8 am to 4:30 pm (Central Standard Time). For current bids please call our office during normal business hours.

The Purchasing Division is here to manage your tax dollars wisely. We provide the necessary tools to maintain a more effective and efficient Sheriff's Department. We help to establish uniformly accepted ways of doing business that meet the highest ethical and professional standards. As you tour this page you will learn: what materials we purchase, how to do business with our office, vendor information, how the Sheriff's Office buys, bonding and sureties and obtain a Vendor Information Form. (Adobe Acrobat Format)

How to do business with the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff's Office

If your company is interested in becoming a vendor for the Sheriff's Office, we recommend your first priority be to determine if there is a match between what your company provides and what the Sheriff's Office buys. We encourage you to follow the guidelines designed to help you understand how to become a potential vendor and provide general information on how the Sheriff's Office buys.

What the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office Buys

Each division of the Sheriff's Department has specific needs that are unique to its operation. The following is a list of Divisions along with a general description of some of their purchasing needs:

Division Needs
Administrative Standard Office Supplies, Office Furniture, Filing Equipment, Printing
Building Maintenance Construction Materials, Paint, Tools, Electrical Services & Supplies, Carpet, Heating & Air Conditioning Equipment, Supplies & Services, Maintenance Equipment, Supplies, Services
Comm./Radio Maintenance Cellular Phones, Pagers, Multi-phone Lines, Low-voltage Equipment, Monitoring/Tracking Systems & Services, Radio Equipment
Correctional Facility Athletic & Recreational Supplies, Bedding, Inmate Uniforms, Food, Food Processing, Educational Materials, Drug Testing Equipment, Shackles, Toiletries & Sanitary Supplies, Cleaning Supplies & Equipment, Property Bags, Fingerprinting Supplies
Crime Lab Evidence Bags, Cameras & Film, Gloves & Face Masks, Laboratory Chemicals, Laboratory Supplies, Hazardous & Non-Hazardous Waste Supplies
Fleet Maintenance Batteries, Engine/Mechanical Services, Fuel & Oil, Automotive Parts, New & Used Vehicles, Automotive Windshields, Tires
Information Systems Computers (Laptop & Desktop), Printers, Software/Hardware, Technology Equipment, Networking, Projection Systems
Law Enforcement Radar Equipment, Sirens/Light Bars, Cages, Spikes, Video/Audio Supplies, Body Armor, Public Safety Equipment, Uniforms (Badges, Emblems, etc.), Leather Accessories, Handguns/Shotguns/Ammunition, Flashlights

Special Operations

Navigational Equipment, Boat Fuel, Boat Engine Parts/Repairs, Life Vests, Oxygen Tanks/Supplies, Rope, Boats/Jet Ski/Trailers, Animal Control Supplies


Techniques and procedures vary with the size and type or procurement, but all of the Sheriff's Office procurement procedures are designed to produce maximum competition.

For Materials, Supplies and Equipment:

    •    If the procurement is under $10,000, the purchasing division may request price quotes for the lowest price.

    •    If the procurement is estimated to be valued between $10,000 - $29,999, the purchasing division must request quotes from at least three vendors by telephone and/or written request.

    •    If the procurement is estimated to be valued at $30,000 or more the purchasing division must solicit sealed bids or proposals. The solicitation will include special bid package forms that the bidder must complete, sign and submit with the bid. The solicitation will also specify the address where the sealed bid is to be submitted and the deadline (i.e., the date and time) by which the bid must be submitted.

Key Points to Remember:

1) Your company must be competitive.
2) Read the solicitation for bid carefully.
3) If the solicitation is unclear or other complications arise, contact the purchasing division as soon as possible.
4) Do not invest considerable time and money to present a product in the hope of making the sale. The purchase will be made by competitive bid. Extensive marketing tools do not guarantee the purchase.


Bonding and Sureties

There may be some instances where bid bonds, payment bonds or performance bonds are required by statute or policy. The Sheriff's Office is committed to using bonds only when specifically justified. The solicitation will indicate when a bond is required.