Welcome to the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff's Office website, and thank you for your interest in our organization. This agency exists to serve the public by preserving, protecting and promoting the "quality of life" our residents hold so dear. Accomplishing this task is a goal we undertake with pride and in a spirit of service.

While most people think of a sheriff's office as a law enforcement agency, we actually do much more. Through our crime prevention programs and public awareness campaigns, we strive to make St. Tammany Parish an even better place to live. As the tax collector for the entire parish, we take our responsibility seriously and distributing monies where the voters have decided they should be spent - whether on public schools, infrastructure or our own jail project. 

Exploring this website will allow you access to some of the diversity of services and programs we offer. Find our office nearest to your home or business. Protect yourself and your property with information on wanted criminals. Become more involved in your community by joining our Reserve Division. Learn the ins and outs of crime prevention. It can all start right here! We exist to serve you, everywhere in St. Tammany Parish, every minute of every day.