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St. Tammany Parish Sheriff - Sheriff Jack Strain Jr.

STPSO Jail  - 985-276-1000

The St. Tammany Parish Jail was completed in 1985. At that time the Jail housed 330 inmates, 120 were in maximum security, 20 in medium security, 120 in minimum security dorms, 50 in inmate worker dorms, and 20 females could be held in the female dorm.

In order to provide a larger and more secure facility to meet the needs of our expanding community, Sheriff Strain came to the residents of St. Tammany Parish and asked for a sales tax dedicated to building and operating an expanded and more modern jail. The proposal was overwhelmingly approved and on January 14, 1999 ground was broken on the new facility. Construction has progressed well.

The project consists of the renovation of the existing jail and the addition of a new processing building for intake and booking, two minimum/medium security dormitories, and a physical plant building to house the mechanical and electrical equipment needed to support the facility. The new administrative offices are being utilized by employees, as well as, the intake area, booking and dormitories.

The new Jail was opened in February of 2001. Currently, the jail houses 1211 inmates with holding for 80 males, 26 females and 20 juveniles. The total number of jail employees is 189 at full operation. These employees hold positions such as corrections officers, clerks, administrative and maintenance personnel, transporters, and community project officers. It is the responsibility of these officers to protect our community by securely holding people that have been determined by the court to pose a threat to public safety. In addition, these officers must provide a safe and sanitary place of detention for all persons committed to the St. Tammany Parish Jail.


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