Explosives Found in Barn

Earlier today, a resident near Sun, LA reported to the Sheriff’s office the existence of several sticks of what appeared to be dynamite in a barn near 84416 Hwy 21.  The barn is situated approximately 100 yards off Hwy 21 and across from the residence.

Several teenagers playing in the barn noticed the explosives and alerted their parents who, in turn, called 911.

The Sheriff’s Office Hazardous Disposal Unit (bomb squad) responded to the area and identified the visible explosives as 12 sticks of aged, nitro glycerin based TNT.  It is possible that other sticks exist scattered amongst the barn’s other contents.

The Sheriff’s Office plans to detonate the explosives later today.  Fire district personnel will be on hand to extinguish any fire caused by the detonation.

The current property owner was unaware that the explosives were in the barn.  Because the exact amount of explosives present is also unknown, some residents in the vicinity will be asked to voluntarily evacuate their homes for a short period of time.  Sheriff’s deputies will notify those homeowners in person well in advance.